5 Reasons to Clean with Microfiber

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Microfiber cloths are great and are used in almost all professional cleaning services, including our own. They are also useful to use around the home with its eco-friendly product that is easy to use with its ability to lift away dirt and grime, trapping it between the fibers and leaving you with a clean and polished surface.

Here are the five reasons why you should clean with microfiber:

Eliminate the Use of Harsh Chemicals

You can reduce the need to use any harsh chemicals and multiple products to scrub away the dirt, dust off any debris or buff any stains. Most regular cleaning products are full of harsh solvents and harmful chemicals. When you use a microfiber cloth, you don’t need to use much to wipe down the surfaces. Just grab your cloth, run it under water and scrub.

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

To deal with spills in your home, you would typically grab a paper towel (or more) to wipe it up. The more economical alternative that can help you save money is to use a microfiber cloth because they are super absorbent, and there is no need to worry about rinsing and re-wiping. After that’s done, just throw the cloth in the wash and re-use again.

They are Multi-Purpose

Microfiber can literally be used everywhere. You can wet them and use them to get any leftover food residue on the countertop. You can wipe down your cabinets with them without leaving water marks. You can dab a bit of oil and buff some stainless steel. You can use them to wipe down dust on furniture. You can really use them to clean virtually anything.

Highly Durable

A lot of dirt and grime can be cleaned up with a microfiber cloth. And it’s great to use because it can go into the wash, and all of the dirt that is trapped between the fibers will be rid of, leaving you with a nice fresh cloth to be used again and again. No matter how often you wash them, its absorbency levels stay consistent enough.

Great at Removing Stains

Just like how microfiber works great at removing dirt and grime from surfaces in your home, it’s just as effective and useful in cleaning up spills from the carpet. Using water alone, these fibers will help suck up any dirt from your upholstery and/or carpeting and lift off any stains nice and easy!