Eco Carpet Cleaning is a Better Choice for Your Home and Environment

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Eco carpet cleaning entails getting the job done with industry-leading GREEN detergents that are non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Dirty Carpets are a comfortable home to various types of germs and allergens which can be dangerous to your health. Carpets can maintain a firm grip on insect feces, dead skin cells, pet hair, moulds and dust mites.

Exposure to dangerous bacteria can increase body’s stress levels and weaken the immune system. Presence of mycotoxins in dirty carpets, specifically, can cause stomach infections, respiratory disease, and severe allergies.

Prevalence of fungi and bacteria can cause athlete’s foot and provoke skin asthma. While inhaling the toxins present in the carpet can cause flu and trigger asthma attacks. Dust mites thrive and breed on fungi and bacteria. Their carcasses which remain on the rug result in rashes, nose and eye irritation.

The eco cleaning method involves cleaning carpets with hot water extraction, often referred to as steam cleaning. The environment-friendly products reach to the bottom of the rug and get rid of dense soils and stubborn stains without leaving germs attracting residue. The method allows the carpet to stay dirt-free for more extended periods of time without releasing harmful chemicals into your house and posing a hazard to the environment. Steam carpet cleaning results in a clean atmosphere, thus, reducing health issues.

If reading this has made you second guess the cleanliness of your carpet then you must call Shine Carpet and Duct Cleaning services as soon as possible!

Located in Maple Ridge, Shine Carpet cleaning has been combatting carpet dirt for 15 years. They use advanced technology and high-quality cleaning products to keep their customers’ upholsteries, rugs/carpets, and air ducts germ-free.

Conventional carpet cleaning methods have involved the use of chemical substances, such as, cleaners, detergents, soaps, shampoos and solvents that give the carpet a deep clean. However, these substances are responsible for having a negative impact on the environment. Ingestion of these chemicals by aquatic life has posed an enormous risk to their wellbeing.

As per humans, these substances can slip into underground waters, wells, and lakes, tapping into our sources of drinking water. Carpet cleaners that utilize traditional chemical products are bound to produce wastewater which consists of hazardous chemicals, grease, dirt, grime and human waste.

While environment-friendly carpet cleaning products contain organic and water-based components that naturally occur in the environment and have minimal effect when combined with water streams.

Additionally, after an in-depth cleansing process, the chemical residue can contaminate the air inside the house and comprise your health. If you’ve previously experienced headache, dizziness, breathing and skin problems after having your carpets deep cleaned, that’s more of an urgent reason to switch to eco carpet cleaning.

Shine carpet cleaning techniques use natural pre-treat solutions that are healthy and environment-friendly while ensuring that the carpet is cleaner, dry and safe.

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