How to Maintain a Clean Carpet

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Carpet is a great flooring choice as it provides a sense of warmth to your home and it can be really comfortable to stand on. One of the downsides to having carpet is that it will need more maintenance especially if you have pets walking around your home. Keeping your carpet clean goes a long way in prolonging the quality and making it live longer. If you have new carpet or if you have just deep cleaned your old one, here are some tips on keeping your carpet clean.

Have a Regular Vacuuming Schedule

Depending on how dirty your carpet gets during the week, you should vacuum your carpet once a week. If you walk on your carpet a lot or if you have children and pets playing on it all day long, you may have to add in a few more vacuuming cleaning times to that schedule. It goes without saying, but the more frequent you vacuum, the more dirt, hair, and dust will get sucked up, keeping your carpets looking and smelling clean. Frequent vacuuming also makes it easier to vacuum each time compared to if you go weeks or months without vacuuming.

If you want a great carpet cleaner DIY tip, try spreading carpet cleaning powder across your carpet overnight. The powder will soak up all the smells and dirt from your carpet. In the morning, vacuum up the carpet cleaner and notice how clean your carpet can get!

When Should You Wash Your Carpet?

Washing your carpet should entail getting to the root of your floor to wash away all the dirt and grime that your vacuum can’t reach. It’s generally recommended that you wash your carpet at least once a year. If you have lighter coloured carpets or ones that collect a lot of dirt, you should get your carpets cleaned professionally twice a year.

How to Remove Stains

Inevitably you will spill something on your carpet, as long as it isn’t a red wine you will be able to get the stain out! The first step is to never rub the stain, gently blot it with a cloth starting from the outside and go towards the center. One of the best ways to get rid of stains is on put shaving cream to the stain and wait a half hour. Get rid of the cream then spray the spot with vinegar and blot it up. This tip should get rid of any stain!

Home Cleaning vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

A lot of people aren’t sure whether to hire a professional carpet cleaner or find a good carpet cleaning machine they can rent from a store. Professional carpet cleaning can be a little more expensive, but the payoff is worth it!

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