Tips to Get Your Home Ready by Fall

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As summer turns into fall, the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to change colours. Then the thicker coats come out of the closet and so do the boots. The whole process is usually around the time when everyone thinks that it’s time to start the regular cleaning and maintenance that typically comes with the change of the seasons. It can be a bit of a daunting task because where do you even start?

Well, here are some tips that we can offer you to get your home ready for the fall.

It’s Time for the Fall and Winter Clothes

The best and easiest place to start would be your closet. It’s time to take out all the fall and winter jackets, tops, sweaters and boots out of the closet and organize it. It’s best to be prepared for the unpredictable fall and winter weather. Next would be to put away all your summer clothes…there’s no need to have your shorts and tank tops taking up space in your closet. You can store away your summer clothes in a drawer or in a vacuum sealed bag in the back of your closet.

Also, while you are sorting through your clothes, it might be a good idea to note what clothes you might want to donate. Give those unworn pieces of clothing a home to someone who might need it more than you do.

Wipe Down Walls and Pantry Doors

Not often thought of enough are the walls and pantry doors. There might be some faded marks from an object bumping against it or some scratches that happened over the summer and you put off fixing it. If not any of that, there is likely a layer of dust on the walls and doors. Grab a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer duster and start wiping down those walls – this will especially help anyone in your home with seasonal allergies. For stains, usually water mixed with soap is handy, but if you need something stronger, a Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser or a cleaning solution works wonders as well!

Clean Those Baseboards

In the summer, the majority of our time is spent outside, soaking up as much sun as possible. When the day grows shorter and the weather turns colder, you start spending more time indoors. One often neglected part of the house are the baseboards. They are a magnet for dust and require the occasional cleaning. This can be done using the brush attachment for your vacuum and swipe it along the baseboards. Once that is done, just use a damp microfiber towel to wipe down any remaining dust! This cleaning method will leave your baseboard in tip-top shape!

These are the three main cleaning issues that come with preparing for the fall. Others might include decluttering your home of various objects, adding fall-themed decorations, and cleaning any other messes that were left behind by the summer.